When we make war we destroy not only human life, we destroy our living Earth as well. We have pulled these  short clips from the longer documentary, Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War.

Please use freely, for your enlightenment and to share with others. Include them in your presentations, your sermons, on websites and social media. Become part of the vital movement so essential to making the world a safer and saner place.

The Environment is War’s Silent Casualty
Sometimes we think making war is easier than working to prevent it. When we talk about the cost of war, we rarely talk about what happens to the land.

War’s Environmental Toll
We erect great monuments for fallen soldiers but fail to do the same for the environment

Blowing Up the Earth to Destroy “the Enemy”
A soldier’s internal struggle regarding destroying the earth to punish the enemy

Care Shall Be Taken
What is our role in protecting the environment during times of war?

Agent Orange
Agent Orange’s continued impact on the environment and humans exposed during the Vietnam War

Oil in the Oceans
More than half a century after World War 2 the world’s oceans remain in harms way from sunken warships.

The Legacy of War:Unexploded Ordinance
Communities continue to face the dangers of the battlefield even after the end of a war.

The Unique Vulnerability of Children
The impact of war on children.

Peace and Displacement
One consequence of not addressing the environmental impact of war is refugees.

A Soldier’s Loss of Faith
In Vietnam, a soldier ponders destruction caused by war and his faith in democracy

Nuclear Devastation
Bikini Atoll history and the testing and use of nuclear weapons.

The Environmental Impact of Preparations for War
The industries that fuel conflict are not exempt from their impacts on the people.

Martin Luther King Jr. on War and Poverty
Martin Luther King’s words in 1967, one year before he was killed, ring true today in questioning the ethical and moral responsibilities of going to war.

The Military’s Consumption of Fossil Fuel
The environmental impact of war in terms of oil.

Lester Brown: Threats to Our Future
Environment analyst and author, Lester Brown, sums up our priorities for the future.

Resource Scarcity
What will the future have to say about our time on earth?

Our Security and the Environment
Something is missing in our national security priorities: Natural Security.

Becoming Active
The necessary actions we must take to protect future generations.